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Vintage One (One Shots)

Vintage One Shots recorded at the legendary Wisseloord Studios - Give your music that raw, vintage, warm and dusty sound that it is longing for.


Make it vintage, make it hot.

Vintage One (One Shots)

  • - 39 High Quality Drumsamples

    - Recorded at the famous Wisseloord Studios (Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones, Chris Brown)

    - 44.1Mhz wav files 

    - Compatible with Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Abelton, Fl, etc...

    - Real Drums

    - Recorded with state of the art equipment: API, SSL, 

    - Top Notch Mics: Neumann, Royer, Chandler, Telefunken

    - Must have for every serious producer/beatmaker


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